Print in Belgium from a foreign country

All foreign companies that have subsidiaries in Belgium can rely on us!

You have documents to be delivered in Belgium and you don't have time to print in your country and have them delivered?
You are in the right place!
Send us your source files, we do the rest, from printing to delivery!

This is what we have done for a client in England:

Hi Alain

I was out yesterday so I wasn't able to e-mail you sooner but this is my first job of the day.

Firstly I must thank you very much for the outstanding service you provided. My client called me soon after the books arrived to tell me how pleased she was with the superb quality of the printing and fast delivery within such a short time frame. Although it was a short print-run this is an important document for the company who will distribute the information to their largest customers from today onwards.

When I was first asked to print these books last week I realised that there wasn't time to print in the UK and transport in time. I spent some time on Google Maps to find a digital printer close to my client's home which proved more difficult that I expected. I contacted 3 printers around Brussels who were slow to respond, at which point I extended my search and found your website – it was very helpful that I could read your content in English. Yours was the last company I contacted but the first to respond. Of the other 3 printers only one provided a quote at 193 euros for 20 copies and 541 euros for 100 copies. Whilst your price was higher for 20 copies your price for 100 was better. Bernadette and I discussed the matter and did consider just ordering 20 copies at the lower rate to meet the most urgent need, however I was more comfortable dealing with yourselves and recommended that we print 100 copies in one go. Whilst I read about your machine details and service online I did warn the Bernadette that there can be variables in digital print quality and that we were taking a gamble. It was a great relief to me to hear how pleased she was with the finished result.

I mention all this because it might be useful for you to know. I'm sure there must be many international companies that require urgent printed documents delivered to Brussels and it might be a market worth targeting for yourselves by promoting this service and mentioning the high cost of sending print by express air couriers plus the time delay in doing so. If you would like me to rewrite my experience as a Customer Testimonial for your website I would gladly do so.

This kind of situation doesn't come up often but I have a couple of clients in Belgium and if the need arrises again you will be the first person I will call.

Let me sign-off by thanking you once again for a job well done and I hope there will be another opportunity to do business again soon.

Kindest Regards